Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Beginning of 2015 and a simple design of public toilet for recreational parks.

It's another year (2015) already......I am not writing anything, anything  for the last two (2 ) year. Mind, I must be very busy (Lazy, perhaps) and really got the fright of my life because I cant log in in to my blogger  (can't access it)....I thought "Google" had deleted my blogger's account. Thank God, finally can get into it.

To kick start the year 2015, I came up with  a very simple drawing of public toilet to be  built at public Park and would like to share with you all. a very simple one with the facilities for "Rain harvesting" and using Solar energy about 100 watts with a facility for the charging of mobile phone. The design of the toilet which includes  the provision of benches for the use of park goers in case of rains & shines.

The  voltages of the electric supply is for 10 hours usage which will also depend of the weather and the water supply to these toilets will be by gravity flows. There might be flaws in the design but I am glad that  I come up with the design.whether anyone want it or not. It's does not matters.

The drawings of the Public Toilet

Well, that's it!....... for the sharing and hope that the drawing or the design can be of use.