Monday, September 22, 2008

MALAYSIAN STANDARD For Public Toilets MS 2015: PART 2, PART 3 , PART 4 :2006

Malaysian Standard for the Public Toilets (MS 2015 : PART 2 : 2006)covered the Inspection aspects or criteria which is a good source of reference for those person or companies involved in the cleaning industries.There two (2) type of inspections as specified in this Inspection Criteria which are inspection and daily checking System. This two (2) methods of assessment apply to the design,cleanliness and facilities of Public Toilets. The final inspections can be used as tool to compare the obtained quality with prescribed quality. The principle of this inspections are based on visual and physical assessment on the degree of absence of disorder in a sample of selected elements of the object (Public toilets) to be inspected. This Standard applies to any party who operates the cleaning of public toilets where the building owner or client shall enforce the implementations and applications fo this standard in a proper manner.

MS 2015: PART 3:2006 talk about the rating of the toilets and the setting up of the seviceabilities profile of the toilet building. The process of rating started with the organsing of the rating, site, conducting the rating, deciding the levels of serviceability of building (toilets) provides ,etc., Also having Cleanliness-scale for the toilet building exterior & surrounding areas and Cleanliness scale for the toilet building exterior and surrounding areas.

MS 2015 : PART 4:2006 is the final part of the MS 2015 for the public toilets and covered the code of practice for the maintenance. It provided a guidance on the basic care and maintenance of public toilet facilities in order to ensure an acceptable degree of cleanliness and user satisfaction which covers public toilets located within buildings (used by occupants as well as by visitors) or as stand alone facilities. It also includes staff responsiblities,cleaning specifications, cleaning requirements and performance management.