Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Beginning of 2015 and a simple design of public toilet for recreational parks.

It's another year (2015) already......I am not writing anything, anything  for the last two (2 ) year. Mind, I must be very busy (Lazy, perhaps) and really got the fright of my life because I cant log in in to my blogger  (can't access it)....I thought "Google" had deleted my blogger's account. Thank God, finally can get into it.

To kick start the year 2015, I came up with  a very simple drawing of public toilet to be  built at public Park and would like to share with you all. a very simple one with the facilities for "Rain harvesting" and using Solar energy about 100 watts with a facility for the charging of mobile phone. The design of the toilet which includes  the provision of benches for the use of park goers in case of rains & shines.

The  voltages of the electric supply is for 10 hours usage which will also depend of the weather and the water supply to these toilets will be by gravity flows. There might be flaws in the design but I am glad that  I come up with the design.whether anyone want it or not. It's does not matters.

The drawings of the Public Toilet

Well, that's it!....... for the sharing and hope that the drawing or the design can be of use.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

*Happy New Year 2014*

Wow, time had’s another year already (Sorry, forgotten to greet first, “Happy New Year 2014 ” to all of you following my blog ….”28893” visitors from the Counter of the and my blog was stagnant for a year without any postings. Actually, I had recorded a few …what you call happenings or events happened in Sibu (for toilets’ matters only) in my brain but couldn’t remember all of them here at my home and at this hour ….12:50 am (Malaysian time) in the morning. 

Luckily, I had scribbled in my scrapbook kept in my Office plus pictures/photos in the office computer.  Just before, I sign off, in fact, I had the thought of closing this Blog……gone will be my Six (6) years of collection of events. Felt a little bit sad, sad, and more sad also because the toilet Committee (of the Sibu Toilet Council) had only a few committee members left.  Isn’t it SAD?......I had a very deep thought...I still got a few years only to struggle in the Service and I am sure that there will be more interesting events to relate. What’s the hell…fight it the end!  
One last thing, I think I should relate all the happenings/events happened in last year which I suppose to relate  but i don't...... and will continue to relate ..... Any comments or Likes ?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Farley Public Toilet…..A Social Obligations?

Before we take a peek at the first Private “Stand-alone building” Public Toilet & facilities at Farley Commercial Areas, I am sure you would like to know who built this first public Toilet in Sibu? Where this toilet is located?

Farley Commercial Areas is the new commercial cum the residential areas and is the busiest areas outside Sibu Central Business District (CBD) especially during the evening hours as well as during weekends. The word “Farley” came from the business style of one of the Supermarkets in this Commercial area. Another mega or big Supermarket…the “Sing Kwong Supermarket”  is also located opposite this commercial area. Farley Areas is a very strategically located at the junction and along along the Pan Borneo Highway connecting Sibu and the lower Rejang basin (coastal towns). That’s the reason why you find a lot of activities during weekends. Also, this area is located next to Government Sentosa Resettlement Scheme.

This first Private “Stand-alone” building Public Toilet  (with 5 cubicles at Female Section  & 3 cubicles with 2 urinals for adult & one lower trough urinal for the minors at the male Section) in SIBU  was built by the developer cum the Supermarket Operator of this Farley Commercial areas. The location is right behind the Supermarket. Normally, in Sibu, Toilets’ facilities provided by Supermarkets’ Operators is either in the Supermarket or inside the Complex. A very good point, this toilet outside the business premises can be assessed not only by the patrons of the Supermarket but also the pass-byers of the Pan Borneo Highway. This also in a way helps the government or the local authorities in the saving of fund/monies to build new toilets and its maintenance costs. Funds saved could be used for the other project might benefited more people in general. A very GOOD corporate responsibility on the part of the Farley Commercial developer cum Supermarket operator.

Well, got tired in reading the above information, let’s….have a peek of the Toilets , the Farley Public Toilets….............................................

Photo 1. The Entrance to the Toilets.  

Photo 2. The Entrance

Photo 3. The Washing Facilities Outside for Easier Clean and  Drier Floor. 

Photo 4. View of the Hand Washing Trough/Basin. (Male Side)

Photo 5. Another Washing Trough/Basin (Female Side)

Photo 6. Toilet Sign.

Photo 7. The Foyer area of the Toilet.

Photo 8. Inside of  one the Cubicle.

Photo 9.  Simple OKU ( Handicap) Toilet.

Photo 10.  A well designed Urinal areas...look at the floor grilles for those not that "Sharp Shooters"
                and care for the minors..... a lower trough urinal for the Kids.

Photo 11. Another Sign.

Photo 12. The Foyer of the Female Toilets.

Photo 13. Seated Type.

Photo 14.  For the convenience for Squaters.

Photo.15. Foyer area going out.

Photo 16. Back Portion of the Toilet Building.

Photo 17. The Side of the Toilet Building with lockers.

I wanted to download the technical drawing of the Farley Public Toilet but my internet connections is very, very slow. I will try later. (Afraid that it might have the Copy Right )

Well, this morning, I called Mr. Lawrance Lau (the Developer of the Farley Commercial Areas) and ask his permission to download the copy of the drawing of this Toilet into this blog. Quite a nice guy! Here is the drawings.......

A. Plan - Location & Layout of the Farley Public Toilet.

B. Plan - Elevation of the Farley Public Toilet.

Lastly, one word of advice or information, in our Country, any planing of building ,irrespective of big or small building, approval should be sought from the State Planning unit (State HQ) and the Local authorities of the areas. I sure that other countries do have the similar practice, too.

P/S....The cost of the building is about... Ringgit Malaysia Forty Thousand ( RM 40,000 ) as according Mr.
          Lawrance (but whether this cost included the labor charges or not ?)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Let’s Celebrate….Celebrate …the World Toilet Day 2012 on 22nd November 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It’s another year already and this year, the National level WORLD TOILET  DAY  will be celebrated in Kuala Lumpur (Capital City of Malaysia) in the National Level organized by Local Government Division of the Ministry of Housing & Local Government, Kuala Lumpur (Jabatan Kerajaan Tempatan , Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan, Kuala Lumpur.)

This national Level celebration will be in the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur on 22nd November 2012. The Celebration will be in two (2) session’s i.e the morning session is the Official Launching graced by The Feudal minister of the Ministry, YB. Dato’ Sri Chor Chee Heung, the Minister of Housing & local Government,Kuala Lumpur. There are exhibition booth of Sanitary wares and cleaning equipments & Services . 

The Second Session (in the afternoon) of the Celebration will be the presentation of papers about Toilets and participation (can’t remember how many paper) I could recalled that Mr. Nordin Miswan of the Cleaning Company of “Denai Biru” will present his paper, one paper from QRAM (Quality Restroom Association Malaysia) about Non Governmental Organizations’ (NGOs) participation in the clean Toilet or whatever and a paper from the Ministry itself.

The participants would be from all the Local Authorities in Malaysia and hopefully that Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) and those interested can be invited to join this Celebration as “the Toilet Cleanliness is everyone's Concern.”

Will post more of the activities if I was approved to attend and hope the approval will come soon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Sibu Heritage Center (former Majlis Perbandaran Sibu or Sibu Municipal Council Building)  is a two floored circular building and recently, was renovated and housed a Museum on the 1st floor, shopping spaces plus a food Court on the Ground Floor. This building was renovated & managed by a private company on the turnkey project. This building design or whatever  was awarded by PAM  (Architect Board of Malaysia ) for its unique design last year. The design of its public Toilets is very eye soothing and very nice but, but now, it really sad to see that the toilets are poorly maintained. The faults, can be said to be the Maintenance personnels' and the users end. let's have a look at these Toilets.

1. Photo : Entrance to the Toilets (Female, OKU and Male)

2. Photo: nicely crafted  Stainless Steel  Toilet Sign (OKU)

3. Photo: Handicap (OKU) Toilet.

4. Photo:  The door to the toilet's Cubicle is the  blurred sand blasted glass panel.

 5. Photo : Wash hand basins at both Male & female Toilets.

6. Photo: Glazed Urinals

6. Photo: Look at the missing toilet seat cover, the use rubber hose for the washing.
               yellowish stains.

7. Photo:  Ventilation.

The mentalities of the users as well as the maintenance personnel have to change or else the high standard of Cleanliness can't be achieved.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

QRAM 6th Annual General Meeting 2012

The meeting was held at the Royal Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur on 16th June 2012(Saturday) at about 10.00 am. and the meeting was presided by our National Deputy President, Ir. Fong as our National President , YB Dato James Dawos Mamit was on official duty back in Sarawak

Photo: Meeting  in Session

Photo: Meeting in this Room (The President's Room)

In this Royal Selangor Club, the Toilets facilities look antique but it's quite clean and can't miss the chance to take a peek in pixs to share with you.

Photo: Small area for waiting right at the entrance to the Toilets.

Photo : Line of Urinals in the Toilet. Nicely color "brown" in line the Building of Royal Selangor Club.

Photo: Another View of the Urinals. Adorned with art pieces on the walls.

Photo: Brown colored Toilets' bowl with bidet in the Toilet cubicle. Wooden Toilet Seat.

Yes, any information concerning Quality Restroom Association Malaysia (QRAM) can be obtained from its website at or can also be found at its Facebook- QRAM.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Clean Toilet Management Course--- "Kurus Pengauditan dan Penarafan Bintang Tandas Awam Peringkat Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (Zon Sarawak)"

The Local Authorities or " Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan" in state of Sarawak were invited to attend a Toilet Cleaning Course from 20th to 23rd September 2011 at the Grand Martguerita Hotel (Former Holiday Inn Kuching) in the State Capital of Kuching. This Course was organised by the Health Division of the Feudal Ministry of Housing & Local Government (KPKT) , Kuala Lumpur and understand that it's a series of similar toilet Courses organised in various places in the country. This Course was for the local authorities in Sarawak or "Zon Sarawak".

Well, according to the organizer that the main objectives is to provide training to the groups that involved in the auditing and evaluation of the cleanliness of the Toilet and pro & cons as well as the challenges in keeping the cleanliness of Toilets in their respective areas or local Authorities.

This course was officiated by our State Permanent Secretary to "KASKA" ( State Ministry of Environment & Public Health, Kuching) Honorable  Dr. Penguang Manggil and most of local Councils in Sarawak is under this State Ministry or  "KASKA".

The course covered a wide topic of Toilet Management which included the Cleaning, Auditing, Estimating of Toilet Tenders , sharing of Toilets management of City Hall of Kuching North and Field visit to Public toilets in Kuching.

One of the Speakers is Mr. Nordin Hj. Miswan of  DENAI BIRU (Centre for Advanced Professional Development) and if not wrong, the Company had a lot of cleaning projects in the Klang Valley and throughout the Peninsular Malaysia. He quite a dynamic speaker. Glad and very happy to pick up a few pointers of  Cleaning toilet from En. Nordin. It's a saying..... " Cleaning is the combination of Art & Science." and also the Secrets of Cleaning "Dry". Sharing of the experience of practical & effective cleaning of Toilets with En. Nordin.

Field visits to Public Toilets in Kuching was quite an experience especially with En. Nordin around giving us his expertise in his assessment of a "starred"Toilet. I do really, really picked up some pointers of a starred Toilet. It really worth staying until late night during this course or Seminar.

The Course was officially closed on the third day (23.9.2011) by Dr.Hasnah binti Bibon (Director of Health Division, Feudal Ministry of Housing & Local Government, Kuala Lumpur ).


The registration ladies.

The Assistant Director of KPKT giving the souvenir to the quest of honor, Dr.Penguang Manggil.

One of the Organizer and Speaker of KPKT.

One of the Public Toilet .

Demo by En. Nordin on the cleaning of Urinal.

Another Demo on the Cleaning of S/S Bin.

A giant Ladies Toilet Signage.

Two Smiley ( Grade ) for this Toilet.

Signage of the Park- Friendship Park where the 5 Stars Toilet is Situated.

The Entrance to the "5" Starred Toilet at the Park.

Inside the Foyer of the Starred Toilet. This Toilet consist of a space for Urinals, Cubicles, Handicap or "OKU" toilet , bathroom and sitting areas with long concrete benches. According to En Nordin, it's supposed to be a 5 starred Toilet but unfortunate it need ...a little bit of touching up. Maintaining the standard of cleanliness is quite a difficult job and it also needed the experience to do so. Maybe, the next round of Course could be that of ...."the maintenance of the Standard of the Starred Toilets".  What's about that, KPKT?